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Mascha has been walking in the cosmos of dating apps for almost three years – just like many of her friends. It is worthwhile to tap into the accumulated knowledge again and ask: What was well received, what was not very promising – and which app suits which type?

After more than 50 columns with very personal stories, Mascha will extend her feelers a little further in the future. After all, not only she, but also her environment has a lot to tell. How do other Berliners experience their single existence, why, damn ax, is the search for a partner so difficult for so many young, love-hungry souls? What do people who have an open relationship have to report – and how did Masha’s friends experience their first sex party? This and more will be available in the future in the snappy investigative section “Mascha asks for”. Of course, the single and sex expert also gets involved here and there.

What did they make my smartphone glow: As a freshly single, I practically wallowed in the possibilities of dating apps. That was often pretty great, but sometimes also incredibly exhausting. And my friends are no different. Some have given up online searching for partners, sex and a mere ego boost after a short time, others are still fully involved. That’s why I’ve investigated my memories, current experiences and my environment – and now I am gradually introducing you to a small character study on the subject of dating apps. May it turn a bland virtual experience into a wonderful real experience!

Anyone who knows my column knows: Tinder is and will remain my favorite. But that doesn’t mean that I would recommend the app unreservedly.

– the greatest advantage for me, a disadvantage for others: a huge selection of people (be careful, not all are singles, if anyone should have believed that …) who, if you are patient, offer a suitable lid for almost every pot .

– at least in Berlin: there is always more, you can theoretically swipe until the doctor comes.

– Profile is created in no time, 1-5 photos are enough, eternal information about hobbies and preferences can, but you do not have to be given.

– Match first, i.e. find each other good, then write – that at least reduces the number of attempts at flirting that are brutally blocked!

– If you persist, you can experience a lot here: From sex (at least very easy in my case) to a relationship, everything is possible – because, as I said, the choice is huge.

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