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As easy and uncomplicated as the app is to use, it is also easy and uncomplicated to meet. I mostly switch through the different profiles on the way to work. With your thumb at the ready and music on your ears. When the matches come in, I just copy my default text into the message window and wait. This is how all dating sites should work.

Something like Adoptaguy, on the other hand, is a bit more annoying because you have to fill out profiles for ages. But the girls have a little more class. For me it’s like cooking a multi-course meal once a week. It is time consuming, but at some point you just can’t see pasta anymore. The one side that can be completely forgotten is on the contrary. Absolute horror. All these slick media-something people take themselves far too seriously and are looking for a real, adult relationship. If you want to find the perfect partner for ironic flea market visits in your mid-twenties – please. But I just find it embarrassing how they present themselves. As if they were all perfect people, with their stylish booths and fancy jobs.

Many people still have an aversion to online dating. I absolutely cannot understand that. Basically, all aspects of life have been digitized. I order my clothes from the Internet mail order company, jobs are advertised by email and I share my apartment with someone I met on the number one roommate exchange. Even when I discuss a topic with friends over dinner, open questions are no longer laboriously looked up in the heavy Brockhaus, but answered in seconds on the smartphone. So it can be said that there is a digital translation for almost every aspect of life. So why not also for partner search?

I don’t want to lie to you: Of course, this way of dealing with interpersonal relationships and my lack of emotion, which could almost be described as throw-away intimacy, dull me. On the other hand, through the dubious online selection process, in which you can quickly be fooled by embellished profile information and advantageous Instagram selfies, I have also met women who I would not have even noticed in a bar. This can lead to disappointment, but it also harbors nice surprises because you meet people whom you might otherwise not have given a chance. So don’t think of me as a superficial asshole, sometimes talking is nice too. Honest!

Still, I sometimes wonder if I’m not overdoing it a little. With this “delivery service” for my penis. I easily send 50 messages to women a day because it increases the likelihood that someone will be there who wants to meet me.

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