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If you put a picture of yourself on your casual dating profile, you run the risk of being recognized and of meeting people you know from real life – which can also be embarrassing or uncomfortable for him or her, as he / she has to be a member to find you. So don’t worry too much about the risk of being recognized at first.

Before starting a casual dating profile, you should know that casual dating is stigmatized among some people. There are many who lead more spartan lives and do not (want to) understand the concept of casual dating. However, we see no reason not to follow one’s sex drive as long as one does it within the legal limits.

You should also be clear about what you are looking for. Inexperienced casual daters sometimes fall in love with their dating because a lot of intimacy is associated with having sex with another person and sleeping together. Casual dating is about eroticism and non-binding sex. Love becomes a side benefit at times, but in general you should do what you can to control your feelings.

When you usually date, you will almost always meet singles. You can be unlucky and meet someone who is looking for confirmation elsewhere than with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but the rules of the game are clear: Dating is for singles.

Casual dating, on the other hand, is for singles as well as for couples and people who live in an (open) relationship. Several of the sites mentioned above are aimed at people who are in a relationship and looking for an affair, and make no secret of the fact that they can help bring more tension and passion into your life.

How ethically and morally justifiable this is can be discussed and we are not really big fans of the concept. However, we can’t ignore the fact that there is a market for extramarital affairs, so we’ve compiled a list of the most popular of these sites. It is then up to the individual whether he wants to cheat his partner.

In some cases, the relationship may also be an open relationship, in which one party allows the other to seek satisfaction elsewhere. We very much welcome this.

On some casual dating sites you will come across couples who want to experiment and enrich their sex life with one or more partners. It can also be couples looking for viewers. It can be couples looking for things that are almost impossible to imagine.

In general, there are far fewer inhibitions and limitations on casual dating sites than on other dating sites; this will be immediately apparent to you as you scroll through the various profiles and read what they are all looking for.

It’s up to you to set boundaries and tell other members what you want and don’t want. Agree on and agree on your expectations before you meet in the real world so that an awkward situation does not arise. If you do, we are sure that the date will be a success; because although casual daters often want to test limits and are hedonistic, they (of course) accept the limits of other people.

The dating world is a jungle full of unforeseen challenges and traps, which is why we often rely on the experiences and recommendations of others is run by passionate dating experts who want to feed Germans with tips and tricks for dating. This includes, among other things, transparent overviews of the various dating options.

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