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As with flirting in the pub, the first thing that matters is how much the other person’s appearance appeals to you. Whether two people share similar outlooks on life or whether their temperaments match is irrelevant. However, the chances of being right by chance in this type of flirtation are far greater than in any bar – just because of the huge selection. This means that Tinder users can download a seemingly endless number of potential partners onto their phones. According to the operator, this app is used to share and evaluate profiles around 1.6 billion times a day around the world, and there should be around 26 million Tinder matches every day.

No question about it: online dating sites and dating apps are changing the way we love and live. With quite impressive advantages. Because unlike in a bar, thanks to Tinder, someone who wants to get to know each other knows in advance that the other person has similar intentions – otherwise the contact window would not have opened in the first place. In the eyes of some experts, flirting is changing from a nerve-wracking test of courage to a reliable undertaking, a fear-free game. What apparently also inspires many users: The innocuous contact via mobile phone serves a need for confirmation. After all, every match means “I care”; he is a caress for your own ego. The more matches someone gets, the greater their self-esteem – and the more irresistible the excitement of hooking up with more and more strangers, if only to send a few messages.

Some users find it almost like an addiction. In the bar, in the office corridor, even in the cinema, while the film is running, more and more people are busy locating other singles and sorting out profiles. Instead of concentrating on a single person or a single thing, many Tinder users communicate with several new acquaintances at the same time.

So the question arises: Do digital dating services still have anything to do with a serious search for love and real partnership? And how effective is online dating anyway? How easy is it to actually find the right person via networks on the Internet?

As tempting as the new possibilities appear: First studies and surveys, which scientists have evaluated primarily via classic dating websites, paint a rather sobering picture for many users. So the internet hasn’t made it easier for most people to start a relationship.

On the contrary. Online dating even seems to block the path to happiness in some ways. Of all things, the supposedly greatest trump card of the internet is evidently a disadvantage: the enormous selection of singles to which it provides access. Because the tide is often so overwhelming that relationship seekers cannot adequately evaluate contact offers.

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