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The site has also existed in Europe since 2010, but it is not yet well known in Germany.

After registering for free, you enter your settings and you can then fill in the following three areas by selecting a button, which are visible to other members: “My intimate passions”, my perfect match “and” My personal interests “.

Ashley Madison differs from her German competitors through the “Traveling Man” service, among other things. This costs a one-time fee of 29 euros and allows men to search specifically for women in other countries and cities – which can be particularly useful on vacation or business trips. You simply enter the location of your trip, receive matching hits from Ashley Madison and can then send a message to up to 30 women at the same time.

Women use the Ashley Madison platform for free. Nevertheless, there are significantly more men than women here, which unfortunately means that men often have to spend a lot of money to become successful. On the other hand, female members have a large selection of male members and therefore have a good chance of a date.

Unfortunately, the high number of male users also means that female animators are sometimes used, who write and flatter men, but who are not interested in real meetings. So be critical and don’t fool yourself.

The secret platform for non-binding sex, erotic adventures and affairs is operated by LoveScout24 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In Germany it currently has 850,000 members, of which around 90,000 are active weekly.

Registration is free and takes a few minutes via email. When creating a profile, you first enter a username, your erotic type, information about yourself and the criteria that a potential flirt partner should meet.

It is also advisable to upload a professional image. Profiles with set pictures receive a lot more contact requests than profiles that have no pictures. As with other casual dating services, these can be anonymized using various tools to avoid the potentially uncomfortable situation of being recognized by friends or work colleagues.

In order to get in contact with other users, you need so-called credits. Women pay less to contact than men, but it is not free for them either. The main advantage of this is that a man can (also) assume that a woman who makes contact will be interested.

The fun of flirting can be increased with additional functions such as “I am the favorite of”, “Profile visitor” and “Bodyguard” – for little money. The costs are fair – and since there is no premium membership with Secret, you only pay for the services you use, which in our opinion is a clear advantage over other payment systems.

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