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Partner portals on the Internet and dating apps for smartphones make the first step to getting to know each other easy and convenient: A few clicks are often enough and you can choose from hundreds of potential candidates. But as seductive as the new possibilities appear: Studies show that digital contact exchanges could make it more difficult to find a partner for life

The idea seems tempting: Instead of having to rely on the fact that you happen to meet someone you like in the gym or in the pub, you put a photo of yourself on the Internet and formulate a few meaningful lines about yourself and your ambitions. And after a short time, you can search for exactly the partner who best suits you among mostly hundreds of similar profiles.

In the German-speaking area alone, a vast number of dating companies are now making such services available on the Internet. The spectrum ranges from large networks such as Parship, eDarling, ElitePartner or FriendScout24 to niche providers such as or a flirting site for animal lovers called According to a survey, around every eighth Internet user in this country is registered with an Internet single exchange. Two thirds of them, around four million German citizens, also actively use the offer and are currently looking for the right person.

WITH ONE WIP TO QUICK LUCK: If you swipe a profile picture to the right on the flirt app Tinder, you signal your interest. If the selected person has also swiped their counterpart in the direction of their heart, a chat window opens for both of them – and with it the chance to contact you without obligation

But that’s not all: The latest trend is dating apps for smartphones, which users can use to search for contacts in their area. These apps are seductively simple. With the currently extremely popular Tinder service, for example, a profile consists of little more than the first name, age and a few photos, which are automatically taken from the Facebook profile of someone who wants to meet you.

The program then looks for potential partners for a rendezvous in a radius that can be set to a radius between two and 160 kilometers. Only the preferred gender and an age range can be specified as search criteria, and the service begins to display pictures of other users and – if available – “likes” and friends that you have in common with the respective person on Facebook.

If you like the other person, you signal approval by swiping their photo to the right on the screen. A swipe to the left, on the other hand, means: rejected. Only if both users express their favor does a “match” result and a chat opens, through which contact is possible.

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