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Regardless of whether it’s fast sex, a long-term relationship or something in between: online dating portals fulfill every wish. But do the partner exchanges keep what they promise? Our author evaluates the best partner exchanges on the net in a short test.

The promise: every eleven minutes someone falls in love with Parship, the dating site for singles with class

The truth: It’s true, many teachers, doctors and anyone else who has a university degree under their belt can be found here. Every profile is checked for authenticity. It’s actually very civilized.

The catch: Above all, there is a horde of desperate women around 40 out and about, so the men can lean back.

It costs it: Sex is free on the net, love costs! And that at least 269 euros for half a year. And be patient when registering. The personality test at the beginning takes time.

The truth: true! Tinder hit like a bomb. The principle is very simple: take a quick look at a photo, decide, with one swipe everything is gone. It’s a game.

The truth: Seems to be true. And to be a niche in the market. Allegedly 25,000 new members register every day who do not get their fantasies fulfilled at home.

It costs it: Free of charge for women. For men from 119 euros for three months. That says everything about what’s going on here, doesn’t it?

The truth: they really do. In contrast to other portals, where you first answer questions for hours, the matching system refers to the interaction on the page, i.e. who likes the same pictures, spends the same amount of time there, etc. This is the latest trend and is called behavioral matchmaking technology .

The catch: well, it’s free. Anyone can join in, and the tone is not particularly charming. The men here know what they want and are not afraid to say it.

The catch: If you put your husband in a shopping cart as a product ready to buy and bought it, it remains unclear how healthy this relationship can be afterwards.

It costs it: For men: their dignity. For women: nerves, later also money, if you really want to get in touch, there are monthly subscriptions or credits for individual campaigns.

Vera Sophie Stegner can look back on over 14 years of experience with the absurd dating behavior of her generation “Why?”. She is an expert on first dates, strange relationships, and the exciting question: what’s wrong with us? On her blog she wonders if the internet is perhaps to blame. In any case, there is a fairly certain probability that it will go to hell. Because there she looked for love and found: Tinder. Since then she has wondered whether we made the internet what it is or we let it make us what we are. She hopes to get an answer by her 90th birthday. Until then, she’ll take it with humor.

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