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On the Internet, on TV and in the print media – yes, also in this newspaper – we hear more and more about the new sex dating trend that is spreading in Germany: casual dating. What’s behind it?

Men and women register online on casual dating sites like C-date, Secret or Lisa18, find adventurous people there who share their sexual preferences, meet with a partner of their choice, and then enjoy non-committal sex before theirs again to go their separate ways. That sounds so uncomplicated, frank and cosmopolitan that you could immediately feel like trying it out. Simply register online and a touch of Sex and the City will blow through your rather boring life?

But how does such a casual date really work? After all, most Germans have to throw overboard behavioral rules and flirting habits that they have learned throughout their lives before they even dare to break such an apparent taboo. We asked two experts who are very familiar with casual dating. Theresa (32) is currently single and has been a member of various casual dating sites for six months. Manfred also tests casual dating websites for Together with them we have created a guide that offers a realistic view of the path to a sex date.

Theresa: “For women, registration is not a big hurdle, because female members do not have to pay anything on most casual dating sites. I enjoyed creating my profile and dealing aggressively with my wishes and preferences. The only thing I hesitated about was the photo. Of course, you have a queasy feeling that a colleague, for example, might discover it. I then decided on a picture where you can see a lot of me, but you don’t necessarily recognize me at first glance. Naked facts are not welcome anyway, so you don’t get embarrassed to publish a compromising nude photo. “

Manfred: “Of course more men are still looking for sex online, but the gender ratio is gradually adjusting. The providers control this in part by offering paid premium memberships for men. These are definitely worthwhile if you actually want to contact women. The first registration is almost always free, so you should take a close look at some offers before you decide to pay for one. “

Theresa: “At first it was really difficult to keep track of things. There are so many members – women looking for sex with men are naturally in great demand. At first I felt flattered, but I soon realized that some guys just write randomly to every female member.

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